The Things They Saw

the things they sawby Nancy Spitler photos by Ashley Jones and Brennan Beck His eyes are the first things that strike you. They’re green. And very intense. And they’ve seen a great deal. His beard adds a few years on him, but Brennan Beck still looks way too young to have survived two combat deployments […]

The Clemson Red Arrows

The Clemson Red ArrowsThe 32nd Red Arrow Division marches in a 4th of July parade in Adelaide, South Australia, 1942. Nearly all the Clemson men who survived the Buna campaign were elevated from platoon to company commanders because of their actions there, and several continued to lead Red Arrow soldiers until the end of the […]

Fighting Tigers

Fighting Tigersby Kenneth Scar Nineteen Clemson ROTC officers served together in World War II as members of the “Red Arrows.” The first infantry unit to go on the offensive against the Japanese, they fought until the very end, the morning the peace treaty was signed. In early 1942, only weeks after the Japanese attack on […]

Halftime is Showtime

Halftime is ShowtimeThe Coolest 12 Minutes in Television By Nancy Spitler The playoffs are underway and the countdown to Super Bowl 50 has begun — that four hours of football mania, punctuated with the year’s best advertising, endless commentary and a no-holds-barred halftime show. Clemson alumni know firsthand that football can stir the soul, delivering […]

Duck Duck Punch

Duck Duck PunchBy Paul Alongi Photos by Craig Mahaffey ’98 Almost 800,000 strokes happen each year in the United States. A product created in a Clemson lab shows great promise in helping stroke victims recover use of their arms. Nancy Bunch says that when she suffered a stroke, she lost the ability to lift one of […]

Helping Female Veterans find a “New Normal”

Helping Female Veterans find a “New Normal”By Melanie Kieve Airman 1st Class Claudia Segovia boards a Boeing 737 enroute to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. Photo by U.S. Air Force, Airman 1st Class Eboni Knox. All too often, the battle continues when a service member returns home. Between physical injuries and “invisible” wounds such as post-traumatic stress […]

Setting the Stage for the Next 50 Years

Setting the Stage for the Next 50 Yearsby Anna Simon The years that R.C Edwards served as Clemson’s eighth president, from 1958-1979, were a period of enormous cultural and physical transformation for the University. That era shaped Clemson into a diverse, co-educational institution poised for the future. Much of what made that growth possible was […]

Elegance and Grit

Elegance and Gritby David Menconi There’s a harsh reality to Ron Rash’s novels set in the mountains and foothills of the Carolinas. But he writes with a sparseness and grace that belies his beginnings as a poet. Rash published his first book, a collection of short stories, in 1994. In 2002, he dedicated his first […]

Gorillas in the Midst

Gorillas In The Midstby Melanie Kieve Facing danger at every turn, Edwin Sabuhoro saved endangered wildlife — and impoverished communities — surrounding the famed Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Now a Ph.D. student at Clemson, he is working to take this effort to other parts of Africa and the world. Tears almost brought an end […]

Beyond Pink

Beyond PinkA year-round approach to breast cancer awareness, detection and recovery. by Kara Roberson ’16 and Leah VanSyckel ’16 A year-round approach to breast cancer awareness, detection and recovery October is the month where everything that could possibly turn pink, turns pink. For 31 days, breast cancer awareness manifests in the most creative forms — […]