Spring 2015 Vol 69, Num 2


Loving the Land

By J. Drew Lanham
Drew Lanham grew up on a 200-acre farm outside of Edgefield and learned to love the land. Now a faculty member, he’s still wandering the woods of the Clemson Experimental Forest, a showplace, he says, of what hope and care and love can do for wildness.

Team Player

By Pat Olsen
He might not be in the sports headlines when the San Diego Padres win a big game, but director of field operations Luke Yoder is a behind-the-scenes star.

Discovering a Family Heirloom

By Peter Kent
The Bradfords have been growing watermelons for more than 170 years, and they taste like the melons you ate as a kid. The eighth generation to take up the hoe, Nat Bradford is sowing seeds for his family’s future and determined to make the world a better place for thirsty people.

Peanut Butter Jelly

By Paul Alongi
An animated short showcases the increasing sophistication coming out of a Clemson program that mimics a real-world animation studio.

2015 Distinguished Service Awards

Every spring, Clemson recognizes a select number of extraordinary alumni. These five men have been designated as recipients of the 2015 Distinguished Service Award.

Winter 2015 Vol 69, Num 1



By Melanie Kieve
Clemson’s innovative program has become a national model for increasing the number of African-American males in the teaching profession.

Game Changer

By George J. Petersen
Education transformed his family’s life. The new dean of the Darla Moore School of Education shares that story as well as his vision for Clemson’s role in shaping South Carolina’s educational future.

Soccer Dad by Day, Star-Gazer by Night

By Paul Alongi
Astrophysicist Sean Brittain and his international team of scientists have found evidence of a budding new solar system.

Rooted: A Botanist in Her World

By Peter Kent
Botanist, teacher, curator and scholar, Dixie Damrel is the kind of teacher you remember for life and hope your kids find.

Summer/Fall 2014 Vol 68, Num 3


Coming Home to Clemson

By Nancy Spitler

What not to miss, what’s still here and 10 fun things to do when you come home to Clemson this fall.

Going Above and Abroad

By Kathleen Peek ’15

Kat Peek traveled to Italy and beyond last year as part of her architecture studies. She learned more about the world, and herself, than she ever dreamed.

Are Fireflies Vanishing?

By Peter Kent

A team that spans departments and colleges at Clemson is recruiting citizen-scientists to help answer that question.


By Nancy Spitler and Savannah Mozingo ’15

A word, reimagined, becomes a blueprint for business and life for alumni Tom Merritt and Mike Pereyo.

Clemson World Past Issues

Aerodyne Alloys
Clemson Alumni Association
Clemson Board of Trustees
Patrick Square

Spring 2014 Vol 68, Num 2


The Family Man: An interview with Clemson’s 15th president

By Nancy Spitler
President Clements found a few minutes in his busy schedule to sit down with Clemson World to talk about his family, why he went into education and how he’s moving forward.

Revolution in Ukraine

By Will Cathcart
In between assignments for The Daily Beast, alumnus Will Cathcart shared his impressions from the front line in Kiev.

Hope Grows Here

By Jonathan Veit
Nestled behind the pool at Clemson’s Outdoor Lab is the brainchild of undergraduate Joseph Williams, or “Farmer Joe,” as he has come to be known. He’s teaching campers a lot more than gardening.

Power Ahead

By Heidi Coryell Williams
The work Curtiss Fox and his team are doing at the University’s Energy Innovation Center will change the way we power our nation and even our world.

Don’t Judge a Facebook by its Cover

By Phil Roth, Jason Thatcher and Chad Van Iddekinge
Can Facebook really be a useful tool to screen job applicants? These three researchers share their findings.

Clemson World Past Issues

Winter 2014 Vol 68, Num 1


Why does the terrapin cross the runway?

By Peter Kent
Laura Francoeur and her team balance wildlife protection and air safety.

Core Strength

By Ron Grant
Civil engineering chair James Martin knows what it means to endure.

Backstage Pass

By Nancy Spitler
Students learn what it takes to get the show on the road.

Summer/Fall 2013 Vol 67, Num 3


Tailgating with the Tigers

By Nancy Spitler
It’s been true for generations, but Southern Living made it official. The Tigers know how to throw a party.

A Bias for Innovation

By Crystal Boyles
Innovation and creativity pervade classroom culture, preparing students to be agents of change.

Southern Roots + Global Reach

By Jeannie Davis
Celebrating a century of imagining and designing spaces, engaging the culture and serving communities — in Clemson and around the world.

Barker Commemorative Issue 2013


Q & A with the President

Clemson World sat down with President Barker to get his perspective as he prepares to step down from the presidency and back into the classroom.

The Idea of Clemson

Jim Barker examined nine qualities of Clemson in his inaugural address. Alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends reflect on how his presidency has advanced the University in those areas.

Orange Rose

By Heidi Coryell Williams

For four decades, Marcia Barker has opened her heart and her home to the Clemson Family.


The View From Sikes

An excerpt from President Barker’s “Last Lecture”

In These Hills

The headlines of the Barker presidency

Cadence Count

The presidency of Jim Barker … by the numbers

My Clemson

Barker’s journey through Clemson — as student, alumnus, dean, parent and president