Clemson World has informed, engaged and entertained the alumni and friends of Clemson University since the early 1970s.

Our mission is simple: to tell the stories of Clemson. Through creative and innovative writing, design, photography, video and technology, we communicate the determined spirit of Clemson’s alumni, faculty, staff and students. We offer a glimpse into the personality of the institution through the stories and images of her people.

Clemson World is published three times a year, in January, June and September. The Fall issue (September) is mailed to all alumni, as well as donors. The other two issues are mailed to alumni and friends who have made a gift in the current or previous year, as well as recent graduates.

In addition, Clemson World Research, published once a year by the Office of University Relations in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Research, tells the story of discovery at Clemson, the search for knowledge in fields that range from poetry to physics and from the languages of Europe to the language of technology.  While it is mailed to a limited audience, it is available at your request.

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