Peter Kent

Peter Kent is a news editor and writer for Clemson's Public Service Activities and a frequent contributor to Clemson World.

Articles by Peter Kent

Discovering a Family Heirloom

  Nat Bradford eased his pickup into a parking space at Moe Joe Coffee. He stepped out, straightening into a lanky, lean-faced guy in work-worn jeans and shirt, logoed visor and Blundstone boots, looking like what he is: a son of the soil. He had something for me. Bradford dropped the tailgate, leaned in and […]

Rooted: A Botanist in Her World

Botanist, teacher, curator, scholar — Dixie Damrel encourages her students to experience the green world around them. One step off the asphalt parking lot, Dixie Damrel enters another world. It is a world of individuals, families, clans and communities. Damrel knows the names of thousands of the inhabitants, their Latin names and their familiar ones. […]

Are Fireflies Vanishing?

Clemson team recruits citizens scientists to answer the question. In the liturgy of a late spring night, the call and response of a tree frog chorus accompanied the fireflies’ ethereal light, as a guard let in a dozen people to the Cooper Library to launch a “flash” mob. It was the May 31 kickoff for […]

Why does the terrapin cross the runway?

  Laura Francoeur and her team balance wildlife protection and air safety. To rescue a turtle on a roadway is one thing. To rescue a turtle on a runway is quite another. Look left. Look right. Look UP. This is the mission on a New York afternoon, as the Diamondback terrapins poke their heads from […]