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Soccer Startup: Blakely Mattern M ’16

It was like something out of a movie. Blakely Mattern was picking up her journal one day in 2014 when a newspaper clipping slipped out of its pages. It was a small article she’d cut out months before from The Greenville News. Flipping it over, she saw, fitting perfectly in the cut-out square, an advertisement […]

Fair Winds and Following Kites: Phil Broder ’90

“When the education career came to a sudden end, I was kind of looking around like, ‘OK, what do I do now?’” Phil Broder worked in environmental education for 25 years before his career path suddenly changed, and he found himself starting his own kite-making supply business. As a student at Clemson, Broder studied wildlife […]

Tigers in Print

Damon L. Fowler ’78, M ’80 Kelly Durham ’80 Gray Rinehart ’86 Mark D. Major ’91 Will K. Thompson ’00 Catherine Garrison Davis ’95 and Elizabeth Garrison Rasor ’95, illustrated by Emily B. Martin ’10, M ’12 Jared Reck ’03 K.V. Scruggs ’03 Kimberly J. Simms ’06 Emily B. Martin ’10, M ’12     […]

Mount Kilimanjaro: Billy Thomsen ’06 and Jamie Kelso ’06

Billy Thomsen ’06, Jamie Kelso ’06 (both pictured) and Jamie’s wife Courtney Kelso ’06 summited Mount Kilimanjaro via the Rongai Route, climbing for over seven days. “Despite trying to keep our packs light, we had to bring a Clemson flag for the obligatory summit shot.”