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Alumni Association Calendar of Events

September 28 Roaring 10 Reception 29 Hall of Fame Day: Clemson vs. Syracuse October 1 Call for Honorary Alumni Nominations. Details at 3 HireSouthCarolina Alumni Career Fair in Columbia. Details at 4 HireCLEMSON Career Recruiting Event in Atlanta. Details at 19 Tigerama 20 Homecoming: Clemson vs. N.C. State November 2 Fall Band […]

Tinker Tailor Surgeon Spy: Fletcher Derrick ’55

No one would suspect a urological surgeon to be a covert courier — even his wife. “AS THE CIA SAYS, I was hiding in plain sight.” After graduating from Clemson in 1955, Fletcher Derrick joined the Army as a young medical student at the Medical University of South Carolina and was sent to Fort Benning […]

Far from Home: Corbey Dukes ’84, M ’94

As the director of Oasis, a residential refuge for abused girls in Guatemala, Dukes is determined to find justice for them — a home as well. “TO SEE AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD TESTIFY in court about —” Corbey Dukes pauses for a moment, the long-distance call falling silent, “just horrors. It’s overwhelming at times.” The girls at […]

Road Bots: Lionel Robert M ’97

Robert is looking for answers to all of the questions surrounding autonomous vehicle technology. LIONEL ROBERT is an associate professor of information at the University of Michigan, where he researches and collaborates with students on the relationship between technology and teamwork in modern society. Robotics and autonomous vehicles — AVs for short — are his […]

All-Star Administrator: Beth Goetz ’96

From soccer player at Clemson to the chief operating officer at UConn’s Division of Athletics “CHARACTER IS WHAT YOU HAVE when you think no one is watching. You have got to live and breathe it every day.” Beth Goetz’s definition of character has served her well so far. From her time as a Clemson soccer […]

Scotland: Stuart Waldo M ’98

Stuart Waldo M ’98 and his family took a trip to Scotland (Sept 10-17, 2018) and toured a number of historic sites and castles. “This photo is of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness, just south of Inverness, Scotland,” says Waldo. “The castle dates to the 13th century. If you look real close, maybe you can […]

Ring Stories: Remembering Bataan

Ben Skardon ’38 survived the Bataan Death March of WWII thanks to his Clemson ring. After surrendering to the Japanese at the Battle of Bataan in the Philippines, tens of thousands of U.S.-Filipino forces were forced on a 65-mile march from Bataan to Camp O’Donnell. Despite surviving the march, Skardon became deathly ill, suffering severe malnutrition, […]