Guatemala: Tigers and Honorary Tigers from Fort Hill Presbyterian

On Monday, October 19, 2015, a mission team from Clemson left before daylight left for a trip to Guatemala. The home base for the team was Mission El Faro on the coast of Guatemala, near the village of Punta de Palma. During the 12 day trip, the team painted inside and outside of the house of a village widow with 3 children; built kitchen walls for another villager, purchased and installed 6 stoves (wood burning, and ventilated!) in village homes; purchased and delivered 8 water filtration systems to families in Livingston, Guatemala; held a pizza party complete with toys and t-shirts to an orphanage near Puerto Barrios; visited children in the Children’s Hospital in Puerto Barrios (sharing toys, clothes, blessing bags for the mothers, and spending time playing with the children); and remodeled a donated storage space at the children’s hospital so mothers would have a place to rest, shower and sleep (Think Ronald McDonald house). This project included clean up, painting existing walls, constructing and painting 2 new walls, and cleaning out the overgrowth in the small courtyard behind the facility. The wall in the background of the photo is the completed back wall of the sleeping area of this facility.

Pictured, left to right: Stacy Miller
Susan Brown
Laura Conrad
Elaine Richardson (MS Dairy Science ’76, PhD Animal Physiology ’86)
Beth Chapman
Bob Brown (BS Pre-medicine ’64)
Marsha Ayers
Kim Phillips (kneeling in front)

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