Bahamas: Rider, Edwards, Clayton and Cannon families

These four couples all began their relationships while students at Clemson. We all live in Chapin, SC now and have 10 Tiger cubs between us. We like to tell them they owe their LIVES to Clemson…which they do!

Taylor Zeck ’00 Rider, Michael Rider ’98, Anna Corpening ’01 Edwards, James “Josh” Edwards ’01, Michelle Proveaux ’01 Clayton, Jason Clayton ’00, Tracy Dalpe ’98 Cannon and Clay Cannon ’98.

Cat Island, Bahamas: Plylers, Littles and Sparks

Three early 70s Clemson fraternity brothers and their patient wives spent a wonderful week in Cat Island, Bahamas July 12 – 19. They donated all Clemson paraphernalia to Island residents, who were encouraged to say “Go Tigers”. In return, the visitors were treated to a variety of Conk delectables.
Pictured: Chris Plyler, Clemson 73
Allison Plyler, Florida State ’77
Nelson Linder Little, College of Charleston ’74
Gil Little, Clemson ’75
Jan Walter Sparks, Clemson ’75
John Sparks, Clemson ’72