Grand Canyon: Austin Luttrell (senior), Ellie Patterson ’14, Emsley Lewis ’14, Jacob Cook (senior) and Dylan Caulder ’14

After such an incredible football season, we knew we had to make the journey out to Phoenix to see our Tigers play for the National Championship. We couldn’t pass up the drive to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon during our time there. The view speaks for itself and singing the Cadence Count with surrounding Clemson fans while overlooking the Canyon is a memory we are all sure to never forget.

Pictured from left to right: Austin Luttrell (current senior), Ellie Patterson (Class of 2014), Emsley Lewis (Class of 2014), Jacob Cook (current senior) and Dylan Caulder (Class of 2014).

The Soaring Tiger: Stephen Carlson ’12

This is my husband, Stephen Carlson. Stephen graduated from Clemson University in 2012 with a degree in Audio Technology and completed four years of Army ROTC. After college, Stephen went to flight school for a couple of years and is now a Black Hawk helicopter pilot for the United States Army. Stephen is a dedicated, talented, and proficient pilot and a wonderful husband. We love Clemson and our country. Go Tigers!
-Hillary Carlson ’13

Paris, France: Spontaneous meeting of Clemson friends

David McMann with his wife Buffy Bryson McMann met up with their friend in Paris after seeing on Facebook they were all in Paris at the same time — nothing like a spontaneous Clemson meeting in Paris.

Pictured, left to right: Buffy Bryson McMann (BA ElemEd 1990), David J. McMann (BS EE 1988 and MS HRD 1989), Randall W. Smith (BS Building Science 1988 and BS Architecture 1990)