Italy: Stephanie King ’93 and Neil ’93 Devaney; and Troy King ’98

Ted and Chris King; Stephanie King ’93 and Neil ’93 Devaney; Coleman Devaney, Lauren Devaney, Troy King ’98, Rebecca King and Weston King took a spring break vacation to Rome and Venice. “Our entire Clemson family, including parents, children and grandchildren, displayed our Tiger Rag at several stops along the way. [This] photo was taken at a bridge in Venice.”

England: Kent Jenkins ’91, Pam Hartley Keown ’91, Kathryn Jenkins ’18, Jay Jenkins ’19, Rachael Keown ’19, Allie Jenkins ’20 and Crawford Keown ’22

Kent Jenkins ’91 and his wife, Susan; Pam Hartley Keown ’91 and her husband, Chris; Kathryn Jenkins ’18; Jay Jenkins ’19; Rachael Keown ’19; Allie Jenkins ’20; Crawford Keown ’22 and Hartley Keown took a group shot in front of Windsor Castle on the day of the Cotton Bowl (Dec. 29, 2018), in which Clemson beat Notre Dame to advance to the national championship. “If you have to be out of the country on game day, at least be with fellow Tigers!”

England: Rhonda Washington ’93, Holly Beard ’94 and Sharee Washington ’93

Holly Beard ’94, a psychology instructor at Midlands Technical College, took a group of social and behavior science students to London for spring break 2019. Fellow MTC colleagues Rhonda Washington ’93 and Sharee Washington ’93 joined in on the fun at Windsor Castle.