Iceland: Clay ’82 and Nancy ’82 Addison

Clay Addison ’82 and Nancy Addison ’82 on vacation in Reykjavik, Iceland in front of a Viking Funeral ship sculpture. Notice the old school Tiger Rag with the purple paw. That same Tiger Rag was with us at the Orange Bowl in 1981 when we won our first national championship. Go Tigers!

Budapest: Terry ’84 and daughter, Rebekah Swygert ’16

Our daughter Rebekah is spending a year in Hungary serving with the ELCA’s Young Adults in Global Mission. Recently we were able to visit her and spend some time together in Budapest. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of our lives! (Another one just happened to occur weeks earlier…in Tampa, watching our Tigers bring home a 2nd National Championship!)

France: Lora Bryant ’96 Pfohl and Josie Pfohl

Lora Bryant ’96 Pfohl and daughter , Josie Pfohl (future class of 2033) at the top of the Peisey Resort, Rhône Alpes, France. Lora is married to Mike Pfohl (’94, MBA 2001) who is working with Michelin Tire headquartered in France. The family has expatriated to France for two years.

Mount Kilimanjaro: Hannah Creech ’15

“But tonight, at the top of the mountain that Clemson flag is flying.”

I took my Tiger Rag to the top of the highest freestanding mountain in the world……9 days later, Dabo Swinney said that after Clemson won the national championship!

Switzerland: Meredith Ellis ’18, Mary Kate Carter ’18, Kaitlynn Haney ’18, Raven Whelan ’18

We, just a group of Clemson students studying abroad, were taking a day trip to Geneva, Switzerland when we had our first overseas Clemson moment. We were hiking to the top of Mt. Salève, which is just across the border from Geneva into France. The weather was beautiful, the snow was melting, and we had a picture-perfect view of the Alps from the top of the mountain. So, of course, we had to take a picture with our Tiger Rag. While we were posing, a voice called out, “Are y’all holding a Clemson flag?” We responded yes indeed, surprised that we had run into a fellow Southerner who knew about Clemson at the top of a European mountain. He asked us if he could take a picture of us holding the Tiger Rag because one of his friends is a Clemson alumni and would love to see that he had run into some Clemson students. We posed for him, happy to show off our tiger pride. So, Clemson alumni, wherever you are, I hope you enjoyed the picture of us on top of Mt. Salève, and I am so happy that our small, Clemson worlds were able to collide.