Noted & Quoted

“[Artificial intelligence] will free designers and engineers from repetitive or low-level tasks. … But as advanced [as] AI seems to be, it is still very narrowly capable and will not completely replace knowledge work.”

Psychology Professor Richard Pak as quoted in Design World.

“Even so, [Oriana Aragón] points out, it’s reasonable to assume that our extreme reaction to cuteness is evolution’s way of making sure that parents do the relentless work of nurturing children. To perpetuate the species, parents must feel driven to hold their babies for hours — and that might explain why the urge to squeeze gets mixed into a cocktail of tender emotions.”

New York Times opinion piece discussing “cute aggression,” citing marketing professor Oriana Aragón.

“Americans remain torn as to whether the market needs to be tamed, and if it does, what exactly could tame it. The answer might be Hoover’s vision for private giving. Or Roosevelt’s strong bureaucratic state. Or perhaps — as It’s a Wonderful Life and a growing number of contemporary Americans are suggesting — a more charitable private sector.”

History professor Maribel Morey in a commentary published in the Dallas News.

Clemson is the national champion in RecycleMania’s 2018 GameDay Recycling Challenge. Fans and employees recycled 123,661 pounds of game-day refuse — 25,000 pounds more than the 98,521 pounds collected in 2017.

“As with many things in academe and life, the quickest way toward a solution is to endeavor not to be a jerk — which is to say, to be cognizant of other people around you whose interests and needs may overlap with yours but are not identical to them.”

English professor Jonathan Beecher Field in an Inside Higher Ed opinion piece about speaker etiquette at conferences.

 U.S. News & World Report ranked the College of Education’s Master of Education in Teaching and Learning program as the best online graduate education program in the nation for a second year.

“Laurence rightly argued that, if one wanted to respect [Jane Jacobs’] contribution to the field of urbanism, we would take her ideas and ask more questions for the society in which we live today. These questions might include how to manage gentrification or alleviate racial and economic segregation.”

Forbes Magazine article about Jane Jacobs citing Professor Peter Laurence’s book, Becoming Jane Jacobs, just released in paperback.

“A team of astronomers has now measured the total amount of light that has ever been produced by all the stars in our universe. The answer, expressed in terms of quantum particles of light known as photons, is 4 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion. In scientific notation that is 4 x 1084, or, if you like, a 4 followed by 84 zeros.”

Dec. 3 article in The New York Times citing Professor Marco Ajello’s research; was also cited by The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Discover, CNN, Fox News and others.