A Great Time to Remember

Another academic year has started, and I’m enjoying seeing the new faces of students who have been drawn to this institution we love. They have brought a fresh enthusiasm and energy to campus. It’s always an exciting time of the year for me, and I hope it is for you as well.

We recently closed out the fiscal year and celebrated a record year in fundraising, with $210,598,898 raised. What that means in very concrete terms is 139 new student scholarships, 129 new endowments, multiple resource developments and numerous program expansions in both academics and athletics.

What that also means is that we have extremely loyal and generous alumni who are committed to ensuring our students continue to receive a world-class education. Students are at the center of everything we do here, and the Clemson Family supports them in many ways. Student success and the student experience wouldn’t be possible without each and every donor, so thank you for your generous support.

Our alumni are also extremely talented and creative, as you will see in this issue. They have started businesses that range from coffee shops to cornmeal and custom jewelry to clothing. Read through Clemson World’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide and be sure to look through the rest of the guide online. You might even get a few ideas of what to buy your friends and family for the holidays.

You can also read about Associate Professor Antonio Baeza, one of our faculty members who is both a dedicated teacher and a gifted researcher. He has involved his students in his research of marine life and introduced them to the world of naming newly found species and preserving existing ones. Research and service are so important to everything we do, and this is one great example.

I hope you’ll set aside time this fall to get back to campus. It’s a great time to remember why you chose Clemson and why you continue to be involved with this University.

Thank you for your continued support of and connection to Clemson.

Go Tigers!


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