Photography by Craig Mahaffey ’98,
Ashley Jones & Josh Wilson

Clemson’s photographers spend their days capturing the essence of Clemson. We asked them to share some of their favorites.

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  1. Bart Hill
    Bart Hill says:

    When you can feel the stillness and smell the air. When you can hear in the silence the sounds of a place you knew years ago. When dejavu hits you like a lightning bolt – You know that you’ve ventured into a great photograph.

  2. Greg Anderson
    Greg Anderson says:

    These are wonderful photographs. They let one reflect upon what it is all about and the fact that they were taken at Clemson is a bonus! The imagery is fantastic and allows anyone looking at them to think deeply into an event of the past in which that person was involved and re-live those happy and fulfilling moments they will never live again. Thank You!

  3. Brady Oppenheim
    Brady Oppenheim says:

    When I went to Clemson (94 – 96), there was one photographer for the whole university. His name was Pat Wright and he was a lovely, talented person. So glad to see Clemson photography keeps going strong!


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