Kelly Gramlich ’14, M ’16

By Sara Ann Hutto Grant ’17

Gramlich’s love for basketball has taken her from the court to the TV studio

Kelly Gramlich is a self-proclaimed over-preparer.

“I go through my game notes, make my board, read everything I can, watch film, and then when the game is happening, I rarely look at my notes,” she says. “I soak it all in, and then I’m able to communicate it.”

Gramlich, an ACC Network game analyst, podcast host, and color commentator, tackles her multifaceted sports media career with the work ethic she developed on the Clemson Women’s Basketball team in the mid-2010s.

“I’m arguably still less busy than I was on an average day of being a student-athlete,” she explains. “You had weights at 6. Then you had class at 8, class at 10. Study hall at noon. Then you had a lift at 1, practice at 3. Eat dinner, go back to study hall. Find time to have a social life.”

At Clemson, Gramlich lived her dream of playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference, setting some school records along the way, including the most three-pointers made in a single game — eight, to be exact. The dream began on the driveway of her Austin, Texas, home, where she spent endless hours shooting hoops with her brother, John. Her father even rigged their goal with a light “so that we could shoot into the dark, which I’m sure our neighbors loved,” she laughs.

When her time on the team ended, Gramlich went to grad school at Clemson in communications, but she still longed to return to basketball in some way. So, she turned to Jeff Kallin, one of her mentors and associate athletic director for strategic communications.

“Why don’t you come back and write some game stories for me and maybe do some radio?” Kallin offered.

“Radio?” she replied, skeptical. “OK.”

That tentative yes led Gramlich to become co-host of Out of Bounds with William Qualkinbush on 105.5 The Roar, one of the flagship radio station’s popular weekday shows, and she started calling women’s basketball games on ACC Network Extra. When Gramlich noticed an ACC Network executive was following her on Twitter, she saw an opportunity to direct message him a reel of some of her games.

“All I was asking for was notes, not for a job,” she says. “He responded with some great notes, and a couple of months later, I got a call asking if I wanted to be part of the ACC Network.”

Now you can catch Gramlich previewing weekly lineups, calling games, recapping plays and presenting her shooter of the week on “Nothing But Net,” ACCN’s signature basketball show. Though Gramlich has dipped her toe in some other sports over the years of her career, she still has her number one.

“I still love basketball. You ask how I got into basketball — I really don’t know! I think it just kind of found me, and I have just loved it since I was a kid,” she says. “College football is a close second. I love the passion, the pageantry and how the fandoms are passed down. I would put college basketball one and college football a very close second.”