The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Alumni Association upon Clemson alumni.
We asked this year’s nominees to answer this question: “What is it about Clemson that you hope will never change?”
Here are the 2019 Distinguished Service Award recipients and their answers:

Lori Anne Carraway Carr ’90 M ’92

“The one thing I hope never changes about Clemson is the pride and sense of family that permeates throughout our alumni.

We are proud and we are ‘All In.’ That’s what makes Clemson special!”

Read more about Lori Anne.

Titus Duren ’71

“The Clemson spirit.

Fifty years ago, I could not appreciate it, but now I love it.”

Read more about Titus.

Jim McCabe DSA

James T. McCabe

“The Clemson traditions that have been there through the ages.

Just the harmony of the people who have gotten together to make Clemson like it is.”

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John N. “Nicky” McCarter Jr. ’80

“I hope the students will always come first, and we will make sure that in-state students receive

the full benefit of a Clemson education. I hope that we will always follow the priorities

outlined in Thomas Green Clemson’s will.”

Read more about Nicky.

Gregory C. Smith ’84

“Something I hope will never change is the ‘Clemson Family.’ We are a small big school, and the intimacy of Clemson is hard to replicate.”

Read more about Greg.

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