By Jake Grove
Photography by Craig Mahaffey ’98
Illustrations by Chris Koelle

Six South Carolina craft breweries creating a distinctly Clemson flavor

The craft beer world is moving, changing and growing with every brewery that opens its doors. Since 2014, the number of independent craft breweries in the United States has nearly doubled to more than 7,400.  And each year, multiple craft breweries are popping up in communities large and small. 
From the shores of New Jersey to the mountains of Colorado and even the far-off reaches of Nicaragua, craft breweries are rich with Clemson alumni. They graduated in fields as diverse as bioengineering, travel and tourism, architecture, and computer science, but it was the craft beer industry that called them to use what they learned in college and apply it to a niche market. 
The key to craft beer and its people, however, is the connections. Like the Clemson Family, the brewing world is close knit, inclusive and tends to go out of its way to help each other.
Time constraints don’t allow us to include every brewery with Clemson ties. Here we focus on three from the South Carolina Upstate and three from the Lowcountry.