To be a world-class magazine showcasing the lifelong connections that Clemson University creates and keeps with its students, stakeholders and supporters. This mission empowers us to say “yes” to the best stories about Clemson, those where impact, intrigue and insight converge.

Each story found in the pages of Clemson World reflects the significant journeys of Tigers. Here, readers will discover how career ambitions were ignited. They will follow the paths of world-changers, uncover the catalysts behind uncommon successes and often see the stumbles and falls along the way. Every issue of Clemson World should feel like a road trip with friends to meet other friends. And no matter where or when you first found Clemson, Clemson World will mirror some part of that experience — through the people we profile, the lifestyles we showcase and the histories we preserve in word, photography and design. 

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Editorial method:


Storytellers across the University seek out, plan and share Clemson stories to be told across print, video, digital and social.


Stories position Clemson as a thought leader in all the unique places that Tigers can be found. Our goal is to grow University affinity regionally, nationally and internationally.


Empower and inspire audiences to understand the important scholarship and discovery happening at Clemson


By showing how strong we are as individuals through powerful storytelling, we never have to say how impressive our institution is. It is simply understood.

Brand Attributes

“Who is Clemson?” Clemson World is a publication to answer that question, and
we do so by seeking out the most enduring stories of community, culture, passion and pride. In every issue, we earn the trust and capture the attention of thousands of alumni and University friends.

Spectrum of brand attributes showing that Clemson World is balanced even between "traditional" and "modern."
Spectrum of brand attributes showing that Clemson World leans more toward "evergreen" than "timely."
Spectrum of brand attributes showing that Clemson World leans more toward "celebratory" than "ceremonial."
Spectrum of brand attributes showing that Clemson World leans more toward "artistic" than "analytical"


We invite advertisers and supporters who want to join us on this journey to share a spot around the coffee tables where Clemson World lives. Access detailed print specifications and details on how to supply your ads.

Ad Placement Policy

Single one-time ad placement is available at full price at the time
of agreement. Corporate sponsorship contract specifies an agreement for ad placement in all three (3) issues for one year. Multiyear contracts are available. This sponsorship agreement allows advertisers to renew the contract and guarantees rates that are current at the time of signing. If, for any reason, you do not fulfill this contract, you will be billed for the space actually used at the regular open rate.

The editor reserves the right to suggest alterations or to reject any advertisement that does not meet appropriate University standards. 

To maintain our Periodical Nonprofit postal eligibility, credit card, travel and insurance ads will not be accepted. Further, no classified, political, liquor, gambling or tobacco ads will be accepted.

Payment, Rates, Discounts

  • A 10 percent discount is available for annual contracts (ad rates are provided on rate card).
  • Full payment is due prior to placement of first insertion for first-time advertisers.
  • Full payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. If payment is not received within 30 days of invoicing, a late charge could be incurred.
  • No agency discounts are recognized. 
  • Cancellations after commitment date are not permitted; advertiser will be charged for full price of ad.

E-newsletter Advertising 

Clemson World’s monthly e-newsletter, highlighting three stories in each issue, reaches more than 100,000 alumni and friends. The e-newsletter drives recipients directly to the website where readers find a variety of additional content — recent news stories, exclusive web content and more. 

Advertisers can sponsor a monthly e-newsletter. Your banner ad has an audience of the 100,000+ alumni and friends for whom we have email addresses.

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