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A group in Kotiang, Kenya, including Peter Alem, hold up Clemson drawstring bags.

Kenya: Peter Alem M ’10

Peter Alem M ’10 is a native of Kotiang, Kenya. As a Clemson student, he attended Hepsibah Baptist Church in Seneca, South Carolina. The church …

Nick Aughtry's son, Noah, holds a 2018 National Championship Tiger Rag over the snowy slopes of Breckinridge, Colorado.

Colorado: Nick Aughtry ’01

Nick Aughtry ’01 traveled to Breckenridge, Colorado, where his “11-year-old son, Noah Aughtry, challenged me to take the highest chair lift in North America to …

George Petersen and his wife, Jennifer, smile with their Tiger Rag in front of Mount Rushmore.

South Dakota: George Petersen

George Petersen, dean emeritus and Provost Distinguished Professor of Educational Innovation, and his wife, Jennifer, took a “2022 excellent adventure road trip” to many stops …