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Kelly Eargle and Linda Eargle pose with their Tiger Rag in Greenwich.

England: Kelly Eargle ’92

In June 2022, Kelly Eargle ’92 and her mother, Linda Eargle M ’88, joined the Clemson University Tiger Band Association Alumni Band for the D-Day …

Steven Douglas, in a Clemson hat, stands above a view of Independence Monument in Colorado.

Colorado: Steven Douglas ’76

Steven L. Douglas ’76 and his youngest daughter, Zoe, continued their tradition of touring America’s national parks/lakeshores/historic sites for the eighth consecutive year with a …

Ariana Pensy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, posing in front of the bust of Clemson Football player Brian Dawkins.

Ohio: Ariana Pensy ’26

Ariana Pensy ’26, a current Honors College student, visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, in the summer of 2022. Of course, …