A man in a green shirt stands in a grassy clearing with trees lining the sides. George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate is in the background.
September 28, 2023
Dean Norton ’77 has spent more than half a century in the gardens of George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

That’s the real genius to me: that the MacArthur Foundation sees fit to fund dreams

J. Drew Lanham, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife and 2022 MacArthur Fellow

Tiger Profiles

A woman with white hair stands, smiling in front of greenery.

With military-style preparation and precision, one group of Clemson diehards left their mark all the way to Columbia.

A large, orange piano sits on a stage while a woman sits on the stool with a man standing behind her.

Gift from Kaye and Bob Stanzione elevates Clemson’s Department of Performing Arts.

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