China: Mary Anne Wolthuis ’92 and Bethany Alice Wolthuis ’21

Mary Anne Wolthuis ’92 and Bethany Alice Wolthuis ’21 are a grandmother/granddaughter duo who visited several places in China in May 2018, including the Great Wall. Mary Anne and her husband lived in Shanghai from 1998-2001. When Bethany was around 10 years old, Mary Anne told her, “Sometime, I’ll take you to China.”

Arizona: Tommy Ryan ’91 and Alex Ryan ’14

Father and son Tommy ’91 and Alex ’14 Ryan made the trip to the Havasupai campground in the Grand Canyon. “The Havasupai is the most remote American-Indian reservation in the U.S., a beautiful campground in the midst of running streams and spectacular waterfalls. It was a memorable trip that we had to document with a Tiger Rag.”

California: Becky Salvatore ’07 and Anthony Salvatore ’05

Tony Salvatore, Suzanne Salvatore, Becky Salvatore ’07 and Anthony Salvatore ’05 took a weekend tour of the Bay Area and visited the Golden Gate Bridge, China Town and other San Fransisco sights. “We saw the Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39’s famous seal lions, ate some cioppino, rode a cable car or two, walked through the Dragon Gate, ate some In-N-Out … Oh, and we also watched a pretty enjoyable football game, too!”