Mount Kilimanjaro: Billy Thomsen ’06 and Jamie Kelso ’06

Billy Thomsen ’06, Jamie Kelso ’06 (both pictured) and Jamie’s wife Courtney Kelso ’06 summited Mount Kilimanjaro via the Rongai Route, climbing for over seven days. “Despite trying to keep our packs light, we had to bring a Clemson flag for the obligatory summit shot.”

Alaska: Brian Cashion M ’75, Ph.D. ’80

Brian Cashion M ’75, Ph.D. ’80, and Sara Ungrodt toured Alaska in March 2018. The tour included a bush plane flight from Fairbanks to Coldfoot, followed by a tour bus ride back to Fairbanks, including a stop at the Arctic Circle!

“We observed a great night of aurorae at the Yukon River Camp and at Joy, Alaska. We also had great fun on sled dog rides at Dallas Seavey’s training facility. There are 66 adult dogs and over 20 puppies. The Anchorage Museum has recently been refurbished and is a must-see.”