Atelier InSite Sparks Creativity at Clemson’s Core

Core Campus is a hub of activity. It’s a place where students can dine, study and even sleep. Now they’ll also be able to experience an original work of art by nationally and internationally acclaimed artist Koryn Rolstad of Koryn Rolstad Studios in Seattle.

Championship Legacy: Sons Make Winning a Family Affair

Perry Tuttle isn’t the only 1981 champion lucky enough to have his son follow in his footsteps. There are four other players on the current roster with ties to the 1981 team: twin sophomore linebackers J.D. and Judah Davis, sons of 1981 team captain Jeff Davis; Jarvis Magwood, a redshirt sophomore linebacker and son of wide receiver Frank Magwood; and Cannon Smith, a redshirt sophomore tight end and son
of defensive end Bill Smith.