Travelers Summer-Fall 2017

Lindsay Rodenkirchen shows off her Tiger Rag while sitting in a pen of pedigree Border Leicesters sheep. She is studying at the University of Glasgow in Scotland as part of an agreement between Clemson Animal and Veterinary Science and the University of Glasgow.

Travelers Spring 2017

Cole Swartwood ‘16 and Sammie Flynn ‘17: After traveling to see Clemson shut out Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Eve we decided to travel north to Page, Arizona. Page is home to one of the most popular sites to see nature has to offer, the Horseshoe Bend. We took our Tiger Rag within a few feet of the edge to get this awesome picture.

Whether you were in Tampa or elsewhere, we heard you celebrating the Clemson championship for weeks! Below are fan photos submitted to us.

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