Italy: Stephanie King ’93 and Neil ’93 Devaney; and Troy King ’98

Ted and Chris King; Stephanie King ’93 and Neil ’93 Devaney; Coleman Devaney, Lauren Devaney, Troy King ’98, Rebecca King and Weston King took a spring break vacation to Rome and Venice. “Our entire Clemson family, including parents, children and grandchildren, displayed our Tiger Rag at several stops along the way. [This] photo was taken at a bridge in Venice.”

Wedding in Italy: Elizabeth Bryan White ’10 and friends

Five best friends and sorority sisters show off their Tiger Rag in the Cinque Terre, Italy. Ashley Goehring ’10, Whitney Hawkins ’10, Elizabeth Bryan White ’10, Kelley Regele ’10, M ’11, and Katherine Moredock ’10 reunited on the Italian coast to celebrate Elizabeth’s wedding in August.