The Alumni Association honored Andrew Bernard “Andy” Cajka Jr. and Bart Proctor with the designation of Honorary Alumnus, a special recognition for steadfast Tiger supporters whose “blood runs orange” but who never attended Clemson.

Andrew Bernard “Andy” Cajka Jr.

Andrew Bernard “Andy” Cajka Jr. is the founder and president of the Southern Hospitality Group, a hotel management and development company in Greenville.

Cajka and his company acquired a professional hotel management group to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Clemson University Complex Corporation, including the James F. Martin Inn, the Clyde V. Madren Conference Center and the John E. Walker Sr. Golf Course. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cajka developed creative ways to address campus housing concerns; the Martin Inn provided special accommodations for student-athletes during the height of the pandemic.

Cajka has commissioned and financially fronted an architectural design and site study, which served as the catalyst for the proposed Clemson Alumni and Visitors Center. He has volunteered on the Research Foundation board of directors, serving as chair since 2019. He has lectured on entrepreneurship in the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business and provided support for students with financial needs.

“[Cajka] has served Clemson as if it were his alma mater and has had an incredible impact on the University and our students,” said Wil Brasington ’00, Alumni Association executive director.

Bart Proctor

Bart Proctor is the CEO and managing partner of Pye-Barker Fire and Safety, a fire protection services and equipment company.

Proctor is the proud father of three Clemson graduates: Libby Miller ’13, M ’14, Hannah Bennett ’16 and Katherine Proctor ’20. He began supporting Clemson as chair of the Littlejohn Coliseum Campaign Committee. Clemson Men’s Basketball coach Brad Brownell described Proctor as “truly one of our best: a leader, a citizen and a donor. I imagine most people in our basketball family circle would not have the slightest idea that Bart actually attended another institution.”

Proctor has volunteered on the Clemson University Foundation and the Order of the Oak board of directors. He is a former member of the Clemson Athletics Campaign Cabinet and is the first non-Clemson graduate Cornerstone Partner, contributing $2.5M in cumulative gifts to the basketball program. 

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