A man, woman, and child hold a Clemson rally rag with a long valley, bordered by snow-capped mountains, extending out behind them.

California: Simon Leiderman ’96 and Kari Miller ’98

In February, Simon Leiderman ’96 and his wife, Kari Miller ’98, learned of Every Kid Outdoors, the program that grants all U.S. fourth graders access to the country’s many parks, lands and waters. “We thought this was a great opportunity, and we made plans for our son Sam’s spring break,” Leiderman said. “We visited Yosemite National Park, Death Valley National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park. We also drove by Hoover Dam and visited Antelope Canyon and Wupatki National Monument. What a wonderful trip. We packed our Tiger Rag and took pictures at all the sites.”

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