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Clemson Research Awards Reach Institutional Milestone

Clemson University amassed more than $282 million in competitive research awards in fiscal year 2023, spurring heightened levels of innovation and workforce development made possible through scholarship and discovery. The $282 million is a high point for the University and an increase of 78 percent from the prior fiscal year. 

In April 2023, Clemson set a goal to double research by 2035 as part of the Clemson Elevate strategic plan.

“The curiosity of our faculty and the excellence of our student body is solidifying Clemson’s place as an impactful Carnegie R1 research institution. It is an exciting time to be a Clemson Tiger.”

Tanju Karanfil

“Our faculty and staff’s commitment to tackling today’s challenges is evident in their innovation, collaboration across industry and community engagement,” said Clemson University President Jim Clements. “I am thrilled that Clemson University continues to have a major impact on the lives of people across the state of South Carolina and beyond.”

Awards growth was fueled by numerous high-value investments from federal agencies seeking innovations in agriculture, health care, K-12 education, energy and other areas.

“With these investments, funding agencies have placed great trust in Clemson to continue to innovate and prepare a workforce to lead us into the future,” said Tanju Karanfil, Clemson University senior vice president for research, scholarship and creative endeavors. “We work closely with local industry, state agencies, health care providers, K-12 educational institutions, the agricultural sector, national laboratories and numerous other collaborators to maximize the local economic impact of our work.”

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