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Colonize the Final Frontier?

Researchers examine the ethical implications of space exploration Space might be the final frontier, but as China announces plans to build a moon base, NASA begins working on manned missions to Mars and spaceships continue to probe deep space, one group of scholars is asking: Are human colonies in space ethical? “As long as space […]

Feeding the Future

Multidisciplinary effort tackles global food insecurity The new Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement (ILCI) will support multidisciplinary expertise at the cutting-edge of agricultural development focused on tackling the global challenges of climate change, poverty and food security. The lab features experts in plant breeding, machine learning, quantitative genetics, gender inclusion and other disciplines. […]

Eight New Clemson Technologies Ready for Market

The Clemson University Research Foundation works to move the results of Clemson research from the lab to the marketplace where they can provide real-world benefit. Here is a sample of new Clemson technologies available to commercialize. 1 | Ying Mei (bioengineering) has developed a method to help treat patients who have suffered from heart attacks […]

Pressures and Promise

The Savannah River Basin Photographic Survey by associate professor of art Anderson Wrangle was featured in the Oxford American. In Wrangle’s words, the survey “is a contemporary, pictorial, photographic survey of the rivers, lakes, dams, landscape and significant sites that form the Savannah River Basin. “I was drawn to explore the basin because I live […]

Optical Innovation

New lathe enhances capabilities in optical fiber production Already the only academic facility in the U.S. with industrial-scale capabilities to fabricate optical fiber, the Clemson University Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET) is receiving its second SG Controls MCVD lathe through an in-kind gift from Molex, further positioning COMSET as one of the […]