COMSET lathe

Optical Innovation

COMSET lathe

New lathe enhances capabilities in optical fiber production

Already the only academic facility in the U.S. with industrial-scale capabilities to fabricate optical fiber, the Clemson University Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET) is receiving its second SG Controls MCVD lathe through an in-kind gift from Molex, further positioning COMSET as one of the premier fiber-optics facilities in the world.

“It was Molex’s desire to place this MCVD lathe in a location which would benefit education and foster innovation in the optical sciences field,” stated Jim Clarkin, general manager at Molex’s Polymicro fiber optic business unit. “After considering several options, COMSET was the obvious choice. They have the most comprehensive academic program in the optical fiber field and are the most qualified to utilize the equipment in a manner which will yield the greatest benefit to the technology and society overall.”

Headquartered in Clemson’s Advanced Materials Research Lab, COMSET’s capabilities include manufacturing advanced optical fiber through the SG Control MCVD lathe, a state-of-the-art fiber draw tower, and considerable facilities and expertise to develop high-energy lasers and laser technology. These abilities have provided opportunities to work closely with the defense and private and public sectors.

Lighting the Way Forward

All communication — outside of writing a letter or speaking face to face — is conducted
using optical fiber. With the nation’s only academic facility with industrial-scale capabilities for fabricating optical fiber, Clemson has emerged as an international leader in the field of optical and optoelectronic materials.