Pressures and Promise

The Savannah River Basin Photographic Survey by associate professor of art Anderson Wrangle was featured in the Oxford American. In Wrangle’s words, the survey “is a contemporary, pictorial, photographic survey of the rivers, lakes, dams, landscape and significant sites that form the Savannah River Basin.

“I was drawn to explore the basin because I live within it, and my family, and ancestral history stretches along the length of the river, from the headwaters of the Chattooga River to Tybee Island. … This project portrays the connectedness of seemingly disparate and remote sites. It touches on beauty, history and the future by making a statement about the present state, and use of the lands and waters.

“… Pressures and threats to our environment should be considered even as we appreciate the beauty and promise of the Earth. Art can become an important tool, with ecology and science, in speaking of concerns, concepts and understanding of the water and land. The larger context of the increasing water issues we face are magnified by the population, and industrial growth in the Southeast and worldwide, as a feature of global warming.”

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