Lisa B. Hendrix ’79

Lisa B. Hendrix’s caring nature strengthens her dedication to her beloved alma mater. 

Her unwavering loyalty and support of the Clemson Family is why the Clemson Student Alumni Council and Tiger Brotherhood proudly named her Mother of the Year. A tradition dating back to 1949, the award honors individuals who embody a deep love for Clemson, exhibit a profound commitment to the community and live a life that reflects the Clemson spirit.

Lisa’s devotion to Clemson University has its roots in the fourth floor of Benet Hall, where her fellow residents dubbed her the “mother.” Four decades later, the “Benet Babes” remain in touch thanks to Lisa and her efforts to lead their Benet Babes Scholarship.

During her career, Lisa remained involved in the Clemson Family through leadership roles on the York County Clemson Club and several University boards and councils, including an eight-year tenure as president of the Clemson University Parent Development Board.

Rhonda Aull-Hyde, Lisa’s nominator, friend and former college roommate, said, “Everything that Lisa does, and I mean everything, is done for the good of either Clemson academics or Clemson Athletics. Lisa was born to be a mother, and one can see how this role seamlessly integrates into her service and loyalty to Clemson.”

Lisa resides in Seneca with her husband, Guy ’77, where she, alongside her sister, Andrea, devotes her time to caring for her mother and sister, Dawn, who has an intellectual disability. All the while, Lisa continues to extend her generosity to the Clemson Family and students in need.

Parker Stambaugh, past president of the Clemson Student Alumni Council, emphasized the significance of recognizing someone who consistently gives so much to others: “Lisa exemplifies the definition of selflessness, and we are proud to present her with this award.”  

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