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Turkey: Christopher Horton ’84

Christopher Horton ’84 traveled with friends to the archeological site of Göbekli Tepe in eastern Turkey. “This discovery is rewriting what is currently believed about the beginning of civilization, more than 50 times larger than Stonehenge and 7,000 years older,” writes Horton. “Less than 10 percent of the site has been excavated.”

Honduras: Zach Grimes ’15, Kellsey Simmons Grimes ’16, Tim Warrick ’11 and Tim Hasty ’83

Zach Grimes ’15, Kellsey Simmons Grimes ’16, Tim Warrick ’11, Tim Hasty ’83 and Ean Tucker pulled out their Tiger Rag 60 feet under water off the coast of Roatan, Honduras in May 2019. The unexpected reunion of Clemson alumni happened when the group was unknowingly assigned to the same dive boat during their vacation.