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China: Tharon Howard, English professor, Wendy Howard ’05, M ’12, Xiaoli Li Ph.D. ’11 and Wu Dan Ph.D. ’10

Tharon Howard, English professor, and Wendy Howard ’05, M ’12 visited with Xiaoli Li Ph.D. ’11 and Wu Dan Ph.D. ’10 (and their children Yiyi and Daniel, who were both born when Wu Dan and Xiaoli were Ph.D. students at Clemson) in Xi’an, China.

In With the Old: Peter Galloway ’08

In Galloway’s spare time, he pores over history books, immersing himself in 17th- and 18th-century architecture. “My wife thinks I’m crazy because all I do is read books on old houses,” he laughs. “She’s like, ‘You’re a little obsessed.’” But there’s a method to the madness. Peter Galloway is the owner and operator of the […]

What Would You Do: Raven Magwood ’12

With a highly successful, multifaceted career, Magwood didn’t always know what she wanted to do. Until her mother asked her a question that changed her life. Raven Magwood co-owns and operates her own gymnastics training facility; has written four books; established a foundation to support underserved kids in Upstate South Carolina; has written and helped produce […]

Deadline Doctor: Kristi Vissage Scruggs ’03

The year is 2030. The government has seized complete control of the health care system. And treatment has become dehumanized for the sake of efficiency. One troubled reporter  uncovers a dangerous conspiracy beneath it all, embarking on a shocking and equally chilling search for the truth. Welcome to the world of Kristi Scruggs’s What They […]

Vegas Visionary: Paul Steelman ’77

Before Steelman graduated from Clemson with an architecture degree, there was only one city in the country where you could place a legal bet: Las Vegas. Then, in 1976, New Jersey legalized casinos in Atlantic City. As a native New Jersian, Steelman was attracted to the area. He’d had experience working under his father, also […]