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Mark Spede HA ’23

Mark Spede has been honored by the Clemson Alumni Association with the title of Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University, a distinction reserved for dedicated supporters whose passion for the institution shines brightly even though they never officially attended the University.

Spede’s devotion has been evident in every facet of his role since he joined the University over two decades ago as a professor and director of bands. During his tenure, he has crafted several original compositions, some of which have become iconic Clemson anthems, including “Tiger Fanfare,” “Rage Defense Cheer” and the introduction to Clemson’s alma mater.

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Betty Holcombe HA ’23

Betty Morgan Holcombe, who has been honored by the Clemson Alumni Association with the title of Honorary Alumna of Clemson University, has been profoundly influenced by the University. She spent her childhood on campus as both of her parents were employed by the institution. Holcombe and her husband, Milton Holcombe ’53, have made significant contributions to Clemson, including funding the first endowed chair in electrical and computer engineering in 1987 and establishing the Holcombe Scholars Program in 1997. They later endowed the first named department at Clemson, the Milton W. Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

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Carla Norville HA ’23

The impact Carla Searcy Norville has made on Clemson University has often been confused with that of a Clemson graduate, earning her the designation of Honorary Alumna from the Clemson Alumni Association.

Norville has volunteered in various capacities and provided financial support to many Clemson initiatives that she is passionate about. She is co-chair for the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences Campaign Cabinet. Along with her husband, Mitch Norville ’80, a mechanical engineering graduate, Norville is a dual Cornerstone partner for academics and athletics.

To see all honorary alumni for 2023 or view award guidelines, visit the Clemson Alumni website at alumni.clemson.edu/honoraryalum.

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