Mongolia: Sally Lin ’13 and Dorothy Behre ’13

After volunteering abroad at Tsinghua University, Sally Lin decided to visit Mongolia for a guided tour into the Gobi desert. Dorothy Behre, who was about to begin her first year as a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan, also joined. It was the experience of a lifetime, and they showed their CU Tiger pride on numerous occasions.

Haiti: Christopher Pfeiffer ’01

Clemson graduate Chris Pfeiffer ’01 is Vice President of the Espwa Foundation, an all-volunteer medical non profit he helped found. They do mission work in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Chris first traveled to Haiti in 2007 and has visited Haiti more than 20 times since serving the people of Haiti. Chris lived in Haiti at an orphanage for 50 days in 2009.
Currently the Espwa Foundation has three active projects. These projects focus on supporting 23 children through education and medical care, a medical clinic and a farm in Haiti. Find out more at
Chris works full-time for the National MS Society as a Development Coordinator raising money through charity bike rides (Bike MS).

Haiti: Jessica Howle ’12

I recently traveled to Haiti on a mission trip with But God Ministries. While I was there I worked in a medical clinic and helped with their agriculture missions. But God has come up with a way for the villagers to pay for their everyday needs. EGGS!!! That’s right eggs. Each family in the village gets six chickens and then they can use the eggs that they lay to pay for what the family needs. It is a win-win situation for bot the villagers and the Hope Center. The Hope Center now doesn’t need to buy eggs for the missionaries and the villagers can get what they need without worrying how they are going to pay.