Africa: Breen Weir '15

“I had three weeks between jobs and decided, very last minute, to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro — the tallest mountain in Africa. We arrived at the Lemosho trail head, and about five minutes before we started our ascent, I notice the unforgettable Clemson colors and logo. The purple sweatshirt was worn by a Swahili-speaking, Tanzanian native with a friendly face. We couldn’t communicate well, but the Tiger Pride was there!”

Texas: Lisa Britt '01

While visiting friends in Fort Worth, Lisa Britt ’01 drove down to Waco for the day to visit The Magnolia Silos area and see what Waco had to offer. “Here I am at the Miles to Magnolia display. Figured out it’s about 990 miles from Clemson to Waco.”