Paris, France: Spontaneous meeting of Clemson friends

David McMann with his wife Buffy Bryson McMann met up with their friend in Paris after seeing on Facebook they were all in Paris at the same time — nothing like a spontaneous Clemson meeting in Paris.
Pictured, left to right: Buffy Bryson McMann (BA ElemEd 1990), David J. McMann (BS EE 1988 and MS HRD 1989), Randall W. Smith (BS Building Science 1988 and BS Architecture 1990)

Chicago: Ryan Hauck '95 and Cort Proctor '62

From Ryan Hauck: This chance encounter happened in mid-August of this year. I had just flown into Chicago earlier that day for a convention, and walked over with friends to an event in Grant Park (Chicago’s largest and most famous park). I hadn’t been there 15 minutes when we noticed this gentleman and his wife standing right behind me. Naturally we had to get a photograph. The coincidences were many: we were both alumni, we were dressed the same, and both of our wives are Winthrop alumnae! It was like looking 30 years into the future and seeing myself. I almost always wear Clemson shirts when I fly because you never know when you might meet someone, and it really paid off this time.
And another story of wearing Clemson gear from Cort Proctor:  I stopped at a commercial peanut farm in Georgia few years ago and went into the office to inquire about buying a few pounds of peanuts (while wearing my Clemson hat).  The place only did commercial sales but asked if I went to Clemson.  I answered “Class of 62.”  The manager/owner then said that his grandfather and father had gone to Clemson but he had to stay  and work the farm.  He then asked how many peanuts I wanted and I told him 3-4 pounds.  He told one of the employees to get me a sack of peanuts and would not take any pay.  Weighed the nuts when I got home and found 8 pounds.

Appalachian Trail: Christopher "Kiki" Dehondt ’14

After graduating in December 2014 with a degree in Wildlife Biology, I began my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. The “AT” stretches 2189.2 miles from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Mount Katahdin, Maine, through 14 states. I began my hike on March 21, 2015, and completed it September 13, 2015. In this picture, I am standing at the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail in Mount Katahdin, Maine.

England: Mary Ellen Haile ’85

As a 1985 graduate of the Clemson Nursing program, I have been honored to serve Palmetto Health in Columbia, SC for 30 years and Trinity Cathedral as part-time, voluntary Parish Nurse for 2 years. I was asked to care for 68 youth and adults on their choir pilgrimage to Wells, England, Edinburgh, Scotland and the Orkney Islands this past summer. This picture was at the Wells Cathedral in Wells, England.