Seattle: Perry Brown ’81

As an airline pilot, captain and check airman for American Airlines, Perry Brown ’81 was given the opportunity to pickup a brand new Boeing 737-800 aircraft from Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington.

England Rugby World Cup 2015: Jessica Loudermilk '10

As a Clemson Women’s Rugby alumna, I’ve been waiting four years for the chance to go to the Rugby World Cup and visit England for the first time. I had the opportunity to see my favorite team, the Australia Wallabies, play two of the biggest matches in the tournament. I also got to see USA play South Africa. This photo is from the Australia vs. England match, where the Wallabies knocked the host nation out of the tournament.

In the cockpit: Perry Brown ’81

While waiting for my plane to arrive, I walked through the gate area and noticed the young man with the Clemson hat. They were from Buffalo, NY, and he was a huge Clemson fan because Sammy Watkins and CJ Spiller were playing for the Bills. I had them come into the cockpit prior to departure for some photos.
— Perry Brown, Class of 1981