Janet McHugh ’78 traveled to Egypt, visiting historic sites like the Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza.
Ireland: Jim Lynch ’94 and his daughter, Alyssa Lynch ’23, traveled to Ireland “to visit the land of our ancestors, Galway.” They hiked in Connemara National Park with their Tiger Rag in tow.
Washington: Doug Morte ’13 made it to the summit of Mount Rainier, which stands at 14,410 feet, in 45 mph winds.
Hawaii: Chris Hollar ’84 took a trip to Volcanos National Park on the Big Island and saw the summit crater of Kīlauea, an active shield volcano.
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Mary Mauldin Pereira
Idaho: Darby Webb ’93 and her husband, Douglas Smith, went rafting in their custom-built Clemson raft down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.
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Oregon: Alex '06 and Laura Watkins '07 Tenney
Russia: Steve Hammond '74 and Hugh Abrams '75
Spain: H.L. "Rye" Tuten III '99
Spain: Lawson Johnson '11
Antigua: Thomas '13 and Katie Stokes '13 Kizer
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Mary Mauldin Pereira
Mary Mauldin Pereira
Mary Mauldin Pereira
Alumni Profile: Fletcher Derrick '55
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Alumni Profile: Beth Goetz
Mary Mauldin Pereira
Indonesia: Ben Capa '02
Alaska: Tempel '13
China: Ken '84, Becky '86, Ashleigh '15 and Bryson '17 Stoddard
Iceland: Dan '10, M '12 and Kimberly '10 D'Unger; Rob '10 and Lauren '11 Culbertson
Colorado: Cody Huggins '17
Jamaica: Tonya Burgess '95 and Tasheka McDowell '01
Africa: Breen Weir '15
Switzerland: Chip '92, M '94, Ph.D. '11, and Jenni Tonkin '91
Texas: Lisa Britt '01
Scotland: Robert Duvall '84
Canada: Bill Redwood '80 and Andy Redwoord '87
St. Kitts: Cody White '17 and Kelsey Kuehn '17
Tulum, Mexico
Ireland: Yon
Alaska: David Warren '81 and Adrienne Warren '19
Canary Islands: Henry '09 and Amanda Trujillo '08 McGill