Tigers in Print 2020

EMILY BENSON MARTIN ’10, M ’12: Sunshield (Harper Voyager) is the first installment in a duology following an outlaw, a diplomat and a prisoner whose lives collide in a quest to expose corruption in the earthy world first imagined in Martin’s Creatures of Light trilogy.

DAVID H. BROWN ’66: Only Death: Tragedy in Williamsburg (Covenant Books) is a historical fiction account of the year 1870 in Williamsburg County, S.C., including the feud between two Confederate soldiers that eventually leads to a duel to the death.

LIZ RAMPY ’97, M ’04: Hambone (Ambassador International) is a children’s book that tells the true story of a stray dog that’s scared of people — but is eventually befriended and rescued by a persistent girl named Liz.

DANIEL SHIRLEY ’93: Mercer’s Moment: Mercer Beats Duke! (Mercer University Press) remembers the 2014 season for the Mercer Bears men’s basketball team. After years of disappointment, they finally made it to March Madness only to face off against one of the nation’s top teams: Duke.

MATT SCHELL ’01: Painted Prayers (self-published) illustrates how art can be used for prayer and healing and is inspired by Schell’s experience as a pastor in Selma, Ala.

KATE SALLEY PALMER, ILLUSTRATED BY JAMES H. PALMER JR. ’93: The Lady of Cofitachequi (The University of South Carolina Press) tells the true story of a Native American ruler and her struggles with Spanish explorers from the perspective of a local otter.

Francis Marion and the Legend of the Swamp Fox (Warbranch Press) brings to life the trials and adventures of a true South Carolina legend and Revolutionary War hero: Francis Marion.

KATE SALLEY PALMER & JIM PALMER, ILLUSTRATED BY JAMES H. PALMER JR. ’93: First South Carolinians (Warbranch Press) covers the history, culture and practices of South Carolina’s Native Americans, including the Cherokee, Catawba and Edisto tribes.

EDITED BY ALEXIS GREGORY M ’06: Comprehensive Tectonics: Technical Building Assemblies from the Ground to the Sky (Routledge) is a holistic overview of building construction assemblies, providing more than 250 color images of component details, building and wall sections, and floor plans.

J. DREW LANHAM ’88, M ’90, PH.D. ’97, CONTRIBUTOR: Gather at the River: Twenty-Five Authors on Fishing (Hub City Press) offers an anthology of essays from various authors dedicated to the art of fishing, including Lanham’s “Paducah ’80.”

ASHLEY D. POLASEK M ’09: Being Sherlock: A Sherlockian’s Stroll Through the Best Sherlock Holmes Stories (Lyons Press) combines Conan Doyle’s famous detective stories with Polasek’s own commentary on Sherlock Holmes history and on-screen adaptations.