Chicago: Ryan Hauck ’95 and Cort Proctor ’62

From Ryan Hauck: This chance encounter happened in mid-August of this year. I had just flown into Chicago earlier that day for a convention, and walked over with friends to an event in Grant Park (Chicago’s largest and most famous park). I hadn’t been there 15 minutes when we noticed this gentleman and his wife standing right behind me. Naturally we had to get a photograph. The coincidences were many: we were both alumni, we were dressed the same, and both of our wives are Winthrop alumnae! It was like looking 30 years into the future and seeing myself. I almost always wear Clemson shirts when I fly because you never know when you might meet someone, and it really paid off this time.

And another story of wearing Clemson gear from Cort Proctor:  I stopped at a commercial peanut farm in Georgia few years ago and went into the office to inquire about buying a few pounds of peanuts (while wearing my Clemson hat).  The place only did commercial sales but asked if I went to Clemson.  I answered “Class of 62.”  The manager/owner then said that his grandfather and father had gone to Clemson but he had to stay  and work the farm.  He then asked how many peanuts I wanted and I told him 3-4 pounds.  He told one of the employees to get me a sack of peanuts and would not take any pay.  Weighed the nuts when I got home and found 8 pounds.

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