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Call for Thomas Green Clemson Medallion nominations

Clemson MedallionClemson University is currently accepting nominations for its highest public award, the Clemson Medallion. The award is bestowed by the Board of Trustees and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a long and sustained commitment and significant service to the University.
Recipients of the Clemson Medallion are recognized as having earned the collective respect and admiration of the Clemson Family. As the highest honor, it is bestowed in a most selective manner, and to a maximum of two recipients every other year. 2019 is deemed a selection year.
Background of award
This award is reserved principally for nominees who graduated from Clemson and others who have cultivated a meaningful relationship with the University. The award is reserved only for those individuals who exemplify the dedication and foresight of benefactor Thomas Green Clemson, who advocated for scientific education and the advancement of agriculture when higher education in those studies in the United States was in its infancy. Thomas Green Clemson not only provided financial support to the institution but was also a model as an agricultural scientist and man of learning for his fellow South Carolinians.
Explore the nomination application here. Only nominations through this electronic form will be accepted. No less than three and no more than 10 letters of support are required per nomination. The nominator’s cover letter will be considered a letter of support. Please attach all supporting documentation when submitting the final nomination form for consideration.
The deadline for submissions is 4:30 p.m. Sept. 13, 2019.

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