Former Clemson Football Player Gives Back

Jarvis Jenkins is working to make an impact on the lives of those a continent away.

A Kansas City Chiefs defensive end, Jenkins took some time out of the busy 2018 NFL football season to announce his PledgeIt campaign, which is focused on constructing a multi-functional outdoor sports facility in the Villa Maria del Triunfo district of Lima, Peru. He has teamed up with Food for the Hungry to bring this sports facility to the area, which still struggles to find adequate resources to support the population, like electricity, water, food and sewage.

“Sometimes, all it takes to turn someone else’s life around is a little bit of help,” Jenkins said. “This partnership with [Food for the Hungry] has allowed us to go out and see the Villa Maria del Triunfo district firsthand, immerse ourselves with the families and discover the lack of basic resources that we can help provide.”

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