Italy: Nick Tritapoe ’11

My name is Nick Tritapoe and I am a Quality Engineer for South Carolina Electric and Gas. Over the past few years I have traveled around the world and United States conducting quality assurance activities at the suppliers’ facilities that manufacture equipment for our new power plants. I graduated from Clemson in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering.
Out of the many places I have traveled, Italy has been awesome. Every time I go back there is something new to see or do. The country has so much history, the landscape is beautiful, and the architecture is amazing. This picture was taken in Trieste, Italy which is a port city along the northern Adriatic Sea. The city square is called Piazza Unità d’Italia where many of the city’s municipal buildings and political palaces are located. The square lies directly adjacent to the Adriatic and is said to be the largest city square by the sea in Europe. Occasionally, there are concerts played in the square, however in the evenings it is very typical to see hundreds of people sitting outside at the cafes and restaurants enjoying the Italian food and watching the sunset over the Adriatic.
Go Tigers!

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