Arizona: Kemper Brand ’08 and Sarah Brand ’10, M ’11

Kemper and Sarah Brand flew out to Phoenix, AZ, to see the Tigers play for the National Championship! On the morning of the big game, they climbed Camelback Mountain just outside of Phoenix. The awe-inspiring views at the pinnacle made the tough, rugged 1,300-foot ascent well worth it. It was a wonderful part of the travel experience across the country!

Grand Adventure to the National Championship: The Metzger family

The Metzgers traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to cheer on our Clemson Tigers at the National Championship! On the way we had to stop by the Grand Canyon — after all National title…National Monument, it just goes together. Along with many others, we donned our Clemson Orange to witness one of the great world wonders, and although the game didn’t have the outcome we hoped for the Clemson Spirit was strong!
Pictured from left to right: Mike Metzger ’80, Carlie Metzger Allman ’12, Jordan Metzger (current sophomore) and Janice Metzger.