There’s Something Sweet In These Hills … and You Can Have It Shipped

Since its creation about 100 years ago, Clemson Ice Cream has undergone transformations to keep up with the times. This year is no different. The ’55 Exchange is now accepting online orders for Clemson Ice Cream to be shipped directly to customers. Orders ship the second week of each month.
The ’55 Exchange is a student-run business, and, much like other small-business food retailers, it has taken a big financial hit from forced closure due to COVID-19. “We operate just like any other small business, including paying rent to the University as well as paying our student and professional staff,” said Amy Grace Funcik, one of the student employees. “We entered the shutdown with a strong balance sheet but with no means to generate sales. Our financial strength has been severely impacted, placing the ’55 Exchange business future in jeopardy. So, we are looking for members of the Clemson Family to help us promote the launch of our ice cream shipping program.”

 Anyone interested in helping support ’55 Exchange programs can email Funcik at Online orders can be placed at

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