Celebrating Optimism, Renewal and Generosity in a Changing World

Greetings from Clemson!
The beginning of the academic year is always a time of optimism and renewal for me. The class of 2024 joins us this year — most of these incoming students were born just after 9/11, and now, they are beginning college in the midst of a pandemic. They are part of our country’s most racially and ethnically diverse generation, digital natives who have little or no memory of a world without smartphones. And they join us on campus this fall, excited to be part of the Clemson Family and eager to prepare for lives of significance in our rapidly changing world.
This fall, we also celebrate the incredible generosity of Billy and Ann Powers.
Their gift of $60 million, the largest in Clemson’s history, will transform the future of our College of Business — now the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business. The significance of a gift like this cannot be overstated; it will further elevate our College of Business toward national prominence. Billy and Ann have lived lives of generosity, and we are grateful that Clemson is an institution in which they have chosen to invest. You can read more about the Powers family and their incredible commitment to helping others beginning on page 28.
This fall will be a very different one on campus, and every member of the Clemson Family — students, faculty, staff and alumni — has a critical role to play in making this a successful year both in and out of the classroom.
I can’t stress enough how important it is for every member of our community to do their part to mitigate the spread of this virus, especially among those most vulnerable. It’s a time when we need to publicly demonstrate that a family takes care of its own. By being united as Tigers, we will emerge from this pandemic strong.
Thank you for all you do as part of the Clemson Family to help keep
Clemson moving forward. 

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