Baseball’s been very good to him: Brian DeWine ’02

Brian DeWine

From an early age, Brian DeWine was destined to be in baseball. The Ohio native and 2002 Clemson University marketing graduate ate, slept and breathed baseball growing up near Cincinnati, home of the Reds. “Our family dinner conversations centered around baseball. It was such a part of our lives, and attending Reds games, which were 60 minutes from home, was something my brothers and sisters and I did regularly.”
After the DeWine family sold its Ohio-based international seed business, they ventured into baseball, purchasing the minor league Asheville (N.C.) Tourists in 2010. Stepping in as president and a co-owner was a natural move for Brian, now in his sixth year at the helm of the Class A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.
“It was a dream come true,” said DeWine, who is the only family member with an active role in the ball club. “The game is in our blood, and we take great pride in creating a family-friendly atmosphere that helps improve the quality of life in our community.”
As president of the team, DeWine is responsible for everything but the players, which falls on the major league club. So, providing a facility (McCormick Field) for them to play in and putting fans in the seats are his primary business responsibilities.
“One of the biggest changes we’ve made is in the atmosphere of fans’ experiences at McCormick Field. We started Saturday games earlier for families with younger children, added eat-free nights for very young fans, jersey nights and other promotions, but also significantly improved the quality and variety of food,” said DeWine.
His Clemson education helps him every day on the job, DeWine said. “It was really a plus getting a marketing degree that had an emphasis in sports, yet it took me through business school. Basic econ and accounting have really helped me in understanding our accountant’s language and reports.”
As for the future, DeWine said this is his dream job, and he doesn’t see an end date. “I’m doing what I love, and as we look to the future, it will be all about improving the fan experience. There’s a lot of competition for our audience’s free time, and we have to make every one of their visits unforgettable.”

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