Rondrick E. Williamson ’95

Rondrick Williamson

Rondrick Williamson is a frequent guest on the television show, The Doctors.

Beautiful doctor from the inside out

Dr. Rondrick Williamson was selected to be in the “2013 Most Beautiful Doctors in America, Men’s Edition” calendar published by the award-winning medical television show The Doctors — and he deserved to be.
Whether or not the criteria for selection were based on appearance alone, Williamson qualified in ways that go beyond the surface. As a frequent guest on The Doctors, the Atlanta podiatric physician offers health advice in his field. He’s not only a successful physician, but also an entrepreneur; a TV talk show host for “Perspectives TV;” and a philanthropist as the founder of The Rondrick Williamson Foundation, a nonprofit organization that grants college scholarships to disadvantaged students.
Columbia native Williamson understood at an early age that education was the ticket to his future. Growing up in public housing, the biological sciences major was inspired by his mother, a single parent, to work hard. Williamson’s hard work paid off, culminating in a medical degree.
Williamson was named a 2013 member of the Columbia Housing Authority Wall of Fame, which celebrates the achievements of past residents. The feeling among his neighbors was not if he would be successful, but when it would happen.

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