The Will to Lead Executive Committee, 2014-2016

WTL_Revised_LogoPhilip H. Prince ’49, HD ’95, Honorary Chair
E. Smyth McKissick III ’79, Chair
Kelly C. Davies ’86, Co-Vice Chair
Richard “Rich” Davies ’86, Co-Vice Chair
James F. Barker ’70
Marcia Barker HA ’01
James E. Bostic Jr. ’69, Ph.D. ’72
Jan E. Childress
James P. Clements
James P. Creel Sr. ’60
Carolyn Creel ’61
Bill Hendrix ’63, M ’68
Robert “Bobby” McCormick ’72, M ’74
Mark Mitchell M ’83, Ph.D. ’87
Michael Dean Perry ’05
Betty Sheppard Poe HA ’10
Mark S. Richardson ’83
Kenneth L. Smith ’81
Joseph J. Turner Jr. ’71, M ’77

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